Our Story

At Bevel & Barrel Woodworking we derive much of our inspiration from the great outdoors and our beautiful surroundings. Our story begins with some of our first designs being carefully handcrafted with wood from our own property in Zurich, Ontario. We are a family owned business operated by a husband and wife team devoted to maintaining environmentally sustainable practices. We are intentional in the products we choose ensuring they are of the highest quality and remaining mindful of their impact to our environment. 

Entering a new phase in our lives has afforded us the time to rekindle a long-standing passion to utilize our handcrafted and creative skills to transform raw woods into unique works of art. Our partnership with our clients is paramount as we derive much of our inspiration from the collaboration we forge with them. We value their input and find immense satisfaction in working collaboratively with each client to bring their vision into reality. Each project leads us on a journey to explore new and innovative ideas.  There is nothing more gratifying than working with a beautiful slab of raw wood and unearthing its natural beauty to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that add warmth and rustic charm to any space.